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Learning Academies Visit

Just a short note to thank you all for the very warm welcome that Learning Academies has received at your school. We are delighted that Walton on the Naze is an Associate School and we have already enjoyed meeting a number of your pupils at our Learning Academies on a Monday afternoon.

For those that missed the letter earlier in the term, Learning Academies offers high quality and affordable small group tuition for children and young people between the ages of 5-18 years, covering areas such as confidence building, Maths, English, SATS Support, 11+ Coaching.

At the Walton on the Naze Learning Academy, the children who attend the 3.15 – 4.15pm session have been working REALLY hard at their literacy and numeracy and are already proving to be very adept at using the iPads! The children really have been a credit to your school!

If you would like more information on Learning Academies and are interested in joining the session after school please feel free to visit our website or call us on 0845 463 1342.

We look forward to working with the children again next Monday after school!

Matthew Brakenbury
Education Director – Learning Academies

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Netball News

The girls played in a local schools netball tournament held on 5th March at Clacton Coastal Academy. 12 schools took part.

We won our group, after beating 5 other teams. Then we played Cann Hall in the semi-final, and won 3-2. This meant we were through to the final against Brightlingsea. It was 2-2 at full time so we had to go to ‘golden goal’, so who ever scored first would win. Brightlingsea scored first meaning we came second.

Izzy was captain but all played brilliantly well! Too many goals to remember who scored and how many but overall, behaviour and team spirit was brilliant! Well done girls!


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Sports Double Champions

Both the Walton football team and Walton netball team have had a hugely successful season this year.

After winning the village football league this season, the footballers went on to win the local cup against Cann Hall after being unbeaten all season. The boys’ winning streak continued this week as they were victorious at the Hadley Cup tournament, held at Holland Haven Primary School. The boys were enthusiastic, determined and played as a strong team throughout the tournament, leading them to again, being unbeaten throughout the tournament.

The netball team also continued their success in the Hadley cup tournament too. After winning the local village netball league, the girls were excited to attend the netball tournament, alongside our footballers. They played with great team spirit and showed off their skills. The girls won all of their matches and returned home as winners with the Hadley netball shield. Due to their amazing success this season, the girls will now continue to train hard ready for the county finals netball tournament, held in Basildon in July. We wish them all the best of luck!

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Library Club

These Year 4 children enjoy reading comics and children’s newspapers as well as books when they come to Library Club.

They also have the chance to play games such as Trugs, which has become very popular, and Junior Scrabble.

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Boys Football Champions

For the last couple of months we have been representing our school in football. Lately we have played 7 important matches. We won all of our matches and had one match forfeited, making us champions of our league. Also on the 16th May we are playing Cann Hall School in the final that could continue Walton’s winning streak!


St Claires 6-7 Win!

Hamford 2-3 Win!

Engaines 2-4 Win!

Frinton 1-6 Win!

Rolph 2-0 Win!

Great Bentley 3-0 Win!

St Andrews 5-1 Win!


Charlie – Captain, Ben, Cage, Braidy – GK, Nathan, Billy, Teddy, Bailey, Jack, Louie and Ben

Coming up….The Hadleigh Cup 5-a-side tournament

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Netball Team Win the League

The talented netball girls meet every Thursday afternoon which takes place at Walton Primarv School from 3pm to 4pm.The netball club is for years 5/6 girls only and is instructed by Miss Thorpe.

The girls played 7 matches, they won 6 and on the 7th match they drew, bringing back 1st place in the league!

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Sport Relief Day

On Sport Relief day, Walton school raised money for Sport relief.
The School Council members sold Sport Relief wristbands for £1 on the school gate in the morning.
Because of the special situation we were allowed to wear our wristbands for one week.

We were allowed to wear sporty clothes on Sports Relief day and bring in 50p to go towards the charity.


The LSA’s went against the Teachers in a netball match: the LSA’s won 3-2.
Later in the day, the LSA’s played our school netball team and the overall winners were the LSA’s.


In the afternoon, every class had to pick a fun thing to do around the field for a mile.
For example, year 2 flipped pancakes for a mile and year 4 danced the conga for a mile.

School council helped this by measuring the field and the playground to measure out a mile.


Walton School raised £406 for Sports Relief.


Written by the School Council

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Numbers Day

On Numbers Day, we raised money for the NSPCC. We were allowed to wear non-uniform for a donation of 50p.
Our clothes had to have numbers on them, for example a football shirt, or we were allowed to wear our onesies.

In assembly we had a number quiz which was the children against the teachers.
In the afternoon, the whole school played fun maths games.

It was a good day as we got to raise money for Charity and have fun and learn a lot!


Written by the School Council

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How to be a School Councillor


To be a school council member you have to be confident in what you say and what you do. Also you need to have a good memory or otherwise there will be no point of you being in the school council because you would need to discuss stuff with your class.

The most important thing is to smile and be respectful to teachers and other people around the school.



To be a School Council member people from your class vote a sensible boy and girl.
When they have voted our teachers add up the votes and call out the boy and girl who has the most votes.
There is also a reserve which is the boy and girl that has the 2nd most votes.



Finally the School Councillors welcome all the visitors and show new class mates around as well.



By Ellie and Dylan
(Members of School Council)