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FISH! For Schools

‘FISH! For Schools helps you to create classrooms where it’s cool to respect and care about each other. Students feel safe and ready to learn. Instead of spending your time putting out disciplinary fires, you have more time to ignite learning.’ (Quote from official Fish philosophy website –


At Walton-on-the Naze Primary School, right next to the sea of course, we’ve come across a whole new meaning for fish, The FISH Philosophy!   With its four philosophies – Choose Your attitude, Play, Be There and Make Their Day, all set in the context of teaching and learning it helps children and their teachers to:


•Create behavioural expectations that are owned by everyone in class.


•Live The FISH! Philosophy in a way that meets your goals.


•Build a caring community where everyone feels safe and ready to learn.


•Develop character, empathy and personal responsibility.


We’re in the process of giving it a go, we’ll get back to you soon with some fishy results!!