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Sport Relief Day

On Sport Relief day, Walton school raised money for Sport relief.
The School Council members sold Sport Relief wristbands for £1 on the school gate in the morning.
Because of the special situation we were allowed to wear our wristbands for one week.

We were allowed to wear sporty clothes on Sports Relief day and bring in 50p to go towards the charity.


The LSA’s went against the Teachers in a netball match: the LSA’s won 3-2.
Later in the day, the LSA’s played our school netball team and the overall winners were the LSA’s.


In the afternoon, every class had to pick a fun thing to do around the field for a mile.
For example, year 2 flipped pancakes for a mile and year 4 danced the conga for a mile.

School council helped this by measuring the field and the playground to measure out a mile.


Walton School raised £406 for Sports Relief.


Written by the School Council