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Year 3

Summer Is Here!


Unfortunately this is our last term together! So lets make it a good one!


This Summer Term  our topic will be "Rotten Romans". We will focus on who the Romans were, how they lived, what they believed in and the Roman Army.

In English we will be learning at The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, looking at describing a setting and also a narrative.  We will also be focusing on report writing. Loads of opportunities for excellent writing to be put on our working English wall and to show of our skills!


In Maths we will be looking at shapes both 2-D and 3-D, looking at orientation and how we can describe these shapes. We will then lead onto time and exploring change, linking in with days months and years. Following this we will be looking at Reasoning and measuring. 


We have got plenty of fun activities booked in for this Summer Term. Also plenty of fun learning opportunities! 


I look forward to our days and weeks learning together!


Mr. Perryman

Year 3 Gallery 


This is our class poem. We have some example work along with it. 


We all made our magical poems using items we found in our nature garden behind our classroom.


This is our writing wall. 

All our our excellent work form English and other subjects can be put into our folders. Any work we are proud of can go in here! All of our work is amazing so its very difficult to find special pieces of work for these folders!


This is our reading area where we all like to sit and read. 

We have a lot of books for all different ability of readers. We in year 3 love reading and understand how important it is to help us further our learning!


These are our poppy hand wreaths. We spent part of our afternoon cutting out our hands and painting them. We are all showing our respect in year 3 and understand how important Remembrance day is.



Here is our Topic Wall at the end of the term to show off our amazing work we completed!


This shows all the different skills we have used throughout this term with all different subjects!








This is our class with their finished masks!











This was our science experiment for Science week. We had to find items within the class that were magnetic and those that weren't and input the data into a table we had. The children were able to find lots of items and had a great time doing it!

Here we have some of the children with their Easter crafts. They made Easter decorations and also an Easter book mark!

One of our children with a VERY inventive World Book Day costume! It made everyone smile!

Here is our Stone Age display for our Stone Age Topic. We all enjoyed this topic with lots of art and information about how the world changed throughout the years.