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Welcome to the Summer Term Reception! We recognise how important and special this year is for so many reasons and we aim to reflect that in all that we do throughout the year. We started the year by making sure the children were comfortable in their school environment. Making friends and building positive relationships with staff is a priority so we continue to have lots of time for play both independent or guided by the adults. Activities are carefully planned around our Talk for Writing texts, this term we are reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Farmer Duck’.


This term we will be asking the questions ‘Who is your Superhero?’ and ‘Where do you want to go on holiday?’


We will be going on a Weekly Walk every Wednesday around the school grounds. 

EYFS Gallery 

During Science Week we carried out a Honey Tasting Experiment - Tasting different types of honey; light and mild honey, dark and rich honey and runny honey. The children noticed that they were all different colours, we found some information that told us the pollen from different flowers affects the colour of the honey.
Next it was tasting time! After washing hands the children tried each of the honeys which were labelled A,B and C and had to decide which was their favourite, this was a hard decision for some! 

When it was Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday we had fun reading 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' before helping Mr Wolf make a shopping list of ingredients.
Later that morning we had great fun joining Year 1 in the hall to make pancakes - they were delicious.


We have been learning about and celebrating the festival of Chinese New Year. We have had lots of fun being creative by making dragon masks and doing some Chinese writing. The home corner changed into a Chinese restaurant and at the funky fingers table we had to use the tools to create our own noodles with the playdough. We all enjoyed trying some of the foods too eating noodles and prawn crackers. The class all really enjoyed the Chinese New Year themed Day, coming into school wearing red and taking part in the Dragon Dancing in the hall.


Well done everyone for taking part in World Nursery Rhyme Week. 13th - 17th November 

We sang the rhyme - Jack and Jill went up the hill and played some rhyming pairs games. 
We had great fun making clocks to act out the rhyme Hickory, Dickory Dock, as well as drawing pictures of mice and making mice using the playdough. 
We sang Head, shoulders knees and toes and drew around ourselves to label these parts of our body. 
We sang Row, row, row your boat and made boats to sail in the water tray. 
We sang the Wheel on the bus and made a bus in the construction area to act out the song. 

Odd Socks Day - Monday 13th November 

We wore odd socks to support of Anti bullying week. We had a Odd sock story - Simon Sock, craft activities and matching games. We learned that it’s ok to be different.



Outdoor area is all ready for the new class to start. 


We have been settling into EYFS, exploring both the indoor and outdoor areas 

This half term we have talking about our families. We made a picture of our home and inside drew our family, the people who are special to us. 


Remembrance Day 2023